Orbitalum Products

Orbitalum Orbital Welding System




The ORBIMAT CAdvanced series of orbital welding power supplies are equipped with a new and unique operating concept. In addtion to the tried and tested ORBITALUM automatic programming with programming help when entering the tube diameter, wall thickness, material, and welding gas all ORBITALUM CA models also have the exclusive ORBITALUM new developement FLOW FORCE to reduce the pre-flow gas time when the welding heads are closed in the standard model and BUP control function with controllable, position-dependent tube internal pressure control as an optional extra.

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Tube/Pipe Cutting and Prep Equipment

Designed for burr-free squaring and beveling of thin-walled stainless steel tubes and micro fittings. Meets and exceeds the high quality tube end preparation finishes required for orbital welding.

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